I’m ready by AJR

This has to be one of those I got the memo wayyy to late too. Not really sure why. Maybe because I was out of mainstream radio and wasn’t listening to the longest time. But I do love me some pop every now and then and the inclusion of spongebob works just perfect.



Teardrop by Massive Attack

Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

Growing up or say when I was much younger I thought the vocal variations were super weird but now I’ve totally grown to love the masterpiece that this song is from 1998. And no, I knew it before “House” 😛


Cucurucu by Nick Mulvey

This is a couple of years old, if you by any chance watch the video it looks a LOT like Sri Lanka. But it’s actually Indonesia if I’m not mistaken (Maybe for once I can google and verify shit before posting)

Nick’s an English dude who studied in Havana, Cuba. Had released an EP before and this album came after in 2014 with an impressive list and this is my favorite.


The walker by Fitz and the Tantrums

THIS is my theme song. Of my life. I know the video is a tad crazy, and I actually came across it when Ellen used it as a trailer for her hosting the oscars. Before then I had heard one song by them called “Out of my league” which was really cute.

Once you hear this, you might have it as your ringtone (I did) or use it for your power walk sessions, it’s that cool!