Holy shit X Ambassadors




I know I’m so so ashamed. Because:

a)I’m taking so long to revisit this.

b) I discovered X Ambassadors a little over 6 months ago along with Jamie Commons. And coincidentally found Ray Donovan through it although it was the other way around for most people.

They have an insane bunch of songs. Actually, every song is pretty awesome. But here’s a few that I absolutely love! Sam Harris has one of the purest voices I’ve EVER heard.

There’s a version with A$ap Ferg. It’s not bad, but I’d avoid it if I were you.




They’re geniuses or what?!


San Francisco by The Mowgli’s

One of my fav cities. Although not really about it, sings about the ideologies we have of love when we’re not so jaded. Was lucky enough to hear it as soon as it came out. They’ve got this other cool song called I’m good, a bit cliched but happy nevertheless. However this one should have got more praise than it did.